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Department Charter Members

EB Ford

Frank Owen

JW Wehrenberg

John Trickey

Stanley Hughes

James F. Yancey

JW Woody Jr. 

Wendell Walker

AF Pool

Leon T. Holcombe

Dan Loftis

Henry Owen

Crowder Ford

Virgil Robertson

WT Walker

Buddy Conner

Andrew B. Loftis

Merritt Hundley

Harold Puryear

Jim Lifford

Acree Conner

GE Cox

Ralph Cox

WA Jones

John H. Watts

Maxwell L. Thompson

Solomon Jones

LR Talley

Arthur Murray

Edward Talbott

WA Royster

        Active Members                     Karen Anderson

           Pete Anderson

           Daryl Chappell

           Jeff Chitwood

           Karson Cole

        **Keenan Cole

           Casey Compton

           Rickie Compton

           Matt Conner

           Timmy Conner

           Jacob Crews

           Ryan Duffer

           Ben Ford

        **Rob Ford

        **John Hammock

         *Spencer Hendricks

           Lori Holland

       **Chris Hudson

          Craig Hudson

          Sarah Hudson

          Tara Hudson

        Josh Lindsey

        *Hayden Lowery

      **Jimmy Martin

         Justin Overby

         Colby Pool

         Dustin Potter

         Lee Puryear

         Makayley Reed

         Matt Styles

         Doris Thompson

         Mitzi Thompson

         Roger Thompson

       *Noah Waller

        Tami White

        Joseph Wilson

*Probationary Members

**Members with over 20 years

Lifetime Members

   Eddie Duffer

   Mike Harris

   Ernest Morris

   Allen Murray

   Richard Powell

   Kevin Robertson

   Allen Walker

   Leonard Warren

Associate Member

    Blake Gentry

    McKayla Allgood

    Heather White

    Daniel Martin

    Chad Parrett

    Kathy Parrett

    Braden Simmons

Deceased Life Members

    Andy Anderson

    Allen Loftis

    Nancy Loftis

    Lowell Powell

    Tarus Cole

Ready to become a member?

If you're ready to serve the community as a member of Cluster Springs Volunteer Fire Department, click here to visit our resources and forms page to complete an application.

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